I playing around with my site

I have made it nice.lol Just  hover over  the about me for about me and click the  links to my other sites.

the same for  welcome to my crafty blog for links to my patterns store and my future videos.


Which site do you prefer


I meant to have daily patterns up since last posting. But, I was sidelined with one heck of a head cold. At the moment I sound like Elmer Fudd.lol But I am feeling much better. I will try to have several afghan patterns up to catch up. By this weekend. 

New Pattern up

orang terra cotta

This time it’s afghans. lol Lion brand site has recently come out with a gadget on their site that you can create your own afghan patterns. Over the next few weeks I will be releasing several.
I hope that the pattern is understandable as I am still trying to work out some kinks in the header wording. It seemes to have cut off some of the letters.

So do be surprised if the lettering looks weird. I am working on finding a way to fix that.
You can find the first Afghan pattern up on Craftsy in my pattern store.



you can find it on Ravelry now too in my store.