Tutorial Glass Ball ornaments filled with tinsel




Do you have old ancient glass ball ornaments lying around that have the art wearing off of them. There is a way to reserrect those old ornaments into looking like you just bought them.

All you need is.

GLASS Ornament balls that have the artwork worn off or almost worn off. I am not sure it will work on anything other than the old glass ones.

a containter round or square

Dishsoap and warm water.

Tree tinsel any color

Band aids (Be care ful those edges are sharp. Especially don’t handle them to rough or drop them. eek)

First in a large pale or pan fill with warm water and dish soap about half way up.
Immerse the ornaments one at a time rubbing your fingers gently on them to rub off any excess color or decoration. soaking them as well. Until all the color and stuff is off them.
Then once all dried inside and out take any color of tinsel Mine here are all silver.

And I would probably take something rather skinny and not sharp stick poke the tinsel inside the ball carefully. Fill them up to the rim of the ball.

Then place its topper on and voila you have a virtually brand new ornament.
They glisten in the multicolored or white light and are beatiful decoration for any tree, wreath.

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