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Christmas Lattice n’ Shells Doily
Pattern Designed


Shani Bush

Aka Crafty Cat Patterns

©2012 The pattern it’s self may not be copied and sold as your own. You may share a link to my patterns.

You may do with however what you wish with the finished doily that you made. including sell it. You made it after all.

Materials needed:

Size Steel 7 Hook

Size 10 crochet Thread

Stitches Used:Chain stitch,Trebble Stitch, Double Crochet, Half Double Crochet

You can adjust to make it as big or small as you wish.

Start with Chain 8 stitches and join with a slip stitch

Row 1 Ch 5, Tr in next st, ch 2. Repeat 16 more times all the way around. Join with SS

Row 2 Ch 3, DC in the next ch 2 hole 3 times repeating it 16 more times and joining with SS to your first chain 3 st

Row 3 HDC in hte next 3 stitches, ch 2, DC 4 times in the next space. Repeat 16 more times and join with SS to your first SS

Row 4 SS in next 2 sts * Ch 4 Tr in next st, ch 5* repeat last step 16 more times join with SS

Row 5 Alternating this row Ch 4 Tr in next space 7 Times repeating 16 more times.

Repeat this row once again.

Once completed cut thread tie off into a knot on your stitch and weave then cut off excess.

You now have completed your own doily. I hope you have enjoyed this simple small pattern. Image

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