Lets do something interesting.

Now, I know we all started from scratch when we crocheted meaning the first thing we ever did. Didn’t turn out like it was supposed to the first time.


Me I confess that purple hat that is on here that I made for my mom. Turned into a first time disaster.  And it was shear luck I did decide to try it on her in plenty of time even though it was to a present for her.  Which was actually pretty funny when I think of it now. Though back then I was so embarrassed that I had gotten it so small that it didn’t fit her head. I was glad though for the time to redo it and make sure it was correct. She now wears that hat proudly every winter.

LOL If only I had taken a picture of it when I first did it just for laughs.  It was amusing watching her try to put it on while giggling.

Then there was the granny square trials. Now those I do have and here are the results.lol

You can definitely tell a difference here in my progression or regression whatever you want to call it.  But I didn’t just stop trying to get them correct. I kept going and kept trying.

And yes, I did succeed.  You can tell by the green one in previous posts



1st one

second one


Okay your turn now. Post on your blog with photos of your first tries.  And put  a link in the comments section of this post.

Don’t be shy. Everyone has had these tries  in the beginning.


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