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Here’s a different kind of craft.

Lately I have been exploring more along the lines of drawing and pastel works. I have already done several bird drawing and a couple pastel scenes.  Not sure about either. lol But so far it is progress nonetheless.  Comments, suggestions etc appreciated.


Craftsy Nominations. (Yes I deleted original posting)


I’m under Crochet and Photography

Please nominate  Tigers Crafty Crafts

and Mysterious Tigers Photography.

I have deleted the original posting until I found more information today.

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Pineapple Doily Started


I’m trying out my first pineapple doily courtesy of  Daniella Joe’s Blog

I have had to stop though for the next few days. I have not crocheted in a while and it  My neck kinked on me and then my hand this morning. Hand is better neck is almost there. I’m going to wait a few days though before resuming just to make sure I don’t screw up my neck again.  OUCH!


But here is what I have so far. Pretty huh.  I’m on row 8 out of 77 rows.   I’ll keep you all updated with pictures as I progress and I have linked to  Daniella’s name her link to her blog. You ought to check it out.